We make better storytellers, one journalism teacher at a time.



Video Boot Camp

Formerly known as "Camp STN", ASB Workshop has provided training for hundreds of broadcast journalism teachers and students over fifteen consecutive summers.

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ASB Student Camp

The goal of this five day camp is to take a student's visual storytelling skills to the next level with a fast-paced lineup of fun and challenging audio and video exercises. Experienced teachers provide one-on-one instruction and constructive feedback. Each lesson is followed by hands-on applications, field work, and by the end of the week, a complete broadcast.

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The Video Coach DVD series is made for journalism classrooms. Whether you're learning to shoot or instructing students, each volume illustrates best practices with with plenty of examples and even printable lesson plans. Since its release in 2010, the series has become a standard in broadcast journalism classrooms across the country.

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Classroom Posters

Inspiration meets Saturation.
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